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18-30 Months
2.5-5 Years

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Program Structure

FCS's Toddler Program and preschool provide early education for children ages 18 months through five years old. The program structure is organized by age and development to ensure that children are engaging in developmentally appropriate learning practices. As children grow and learn, the environment, curriculum, and approaches to learning progressively prepare the child for successful school readiness.

Emergent Play-Based Curriculum

Play is utilized as an essential function of the learning process in all FCS preschool classrooms. Our teaching staff utilizes their years of experience, educational background, and love of the Lord to build a developmentally appropriate community of learning in every classroom. We believe that our teachers are the facilitators of learning, and through their skill sets of expanding thought processes, scaffolding, integrating concepts, and models of high Christian character, children gain access to an extraordinary education.

Learning Environment & Intentional Materials

The learning environment is strategically developed to entice and engage children in the learning process. Teachers plan curricula and utilize the classroom’s learning centers by intentionally selecting materials that engage children to ensure that developmental objectives and goals are achieved.

Teaching Pyramid Model: Center for Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (CSEFEL)

Social-emotional development is the foundation through which early learners later access academic learning. The Teaching Pyramid Model provides a framework for teaching children how to identify, process, articulate, and problem-solve through their emotions. Teachers also focus on the child’s ability to cooperate, take turns, negotiate, follow multi-step directions, and build all essential measures of development that create pathways in the brain for future learning.

Special Events

We believe that in order to best serve our children's educational needs, we must honor their parents as their first teachers. We take every opportunity to invite our families to participate in our program through special events and celebrations.

Admissions Criteria
Children of families who have a shared philosophy for approaches to learning, guidance and discipline practices, and learning goals, and who have physical, emotional, and health-related needs that can be met in the applicants' early education department ratio will be considered for admission to the Early Education program at Fremont Christian School.
  • Toddler (2.5:12)
  • Young Preschool (2.5:18)
  • Preschool (2.5:24)
  • Junior Kindergarten (2.5:24)

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Early Education

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